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Best Vegas Strip Clubs on a Budget (Large or Small)

G-Strings on a Shoe String to a Billionaire’s Budget

You can have fun in Vegas strip clubs on almost any budget. If you’ve got $500, you can have a blast. $150? No problem. $50? You can still have fun. $25? You’re still not out of action.

If you take a cab, you’re looking at $90-$120 before you’ve even had a lap dance.

Still, Vegas strip clubs have a reputation for being too expensive, and for good reason. The most common entry fee in the topless clubs is now $45, and most clubs price their least expensive drinks—domestic beers and well drinks—at $12-$18 each. That adds up to around $70-$80 to cover your entry fee and the two-drink minimum that most clubs impose, and when you add the round-trip cab fare from most Strip hotels—another $20-$40—if you take a cab, you’re looking at $90-$120 before you’ve even had a lap dance.


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But it doesn’t have to cost this much if you play it right. The rates above apply to out-of-towners who don’t know the game. Let me clue you in.

Below I cover great Vegas strip club options for a $25, $60 (here), $150 (here), $500 (here) and $1200 (here) budget. Read on or click on a link to go straight to the budget for you.

The $30 Vegas Strip Club Budget

Deja Vu Showgirls Dancer Savannah Loves Entertaining Women and Couples

Savannah Dances at
Deja Vu Showgirls

Let’s say I’m a tourist in Vegas for the weekend, staying downtown at The D with my buddy, and after two miserable days of gambling, I’ve got only $30 left for fun. I was really hoping to see a strip club while I was in town. Is there anywhere I can afford to go?

I’m glad you asked.  Deja Vu Showgirls (club review) is running a special right now:  Free admission, plus a free drink, if you arrive by the free club limo (after 9 pm only).  The club also features an open bar (domestics and wells) seven days a week from 6 pm to 9 pm (admission is $20 during the open bar).

What’s the catch?  There isn’t one.  Deja Vu Showgirls is a smaller-sized club, with 3-6+ dancers at 6 pm and 30-40+ at peak hours, but it wants to grow to be a big club.  The dancers are most pretty girl-next-door types.

To reserve your free ride to Deja Vu, plus free admission and a free drink, call 702-308-4605.

If you have a car and can drive yourself, Palomino Club (club review / club website) would be another option on a tight budget.  Admission is free before 8 pm, and draft beers are only $7 whenever the club is open.

If you’re in a group of two or more, you can also call Palomino at 702-642-2984 and ask them to send their free club limo for your buddy and you (solo guys call for limo availability).  Free round-trip limo service is available at Palomino Club seven days a week for parties of two or more.

Plus, if you take the free club limo, your admission is free at Palomino even after 8 pm. That’s a $30 savings each for you and your buddy.  (Note: the club may charge a $30 cover after 8 pm, but that gets you three drinks.)



Now settle back and enjoy the Palomino Club stage show while you enjoy the club’s $7 drafts.  The stage show is the hottest in town with the best erotic pole dancing in Vegas and close-up floor work from the club’s 130+ young, toned and beautiful dancers.  Plus the dancers are fully nude.  I’d use my remaining money for tips for the dancers on stage. You’d be surprised what a few bucks, tipped strategically, can buy you in the way of fun.

Another option for guys 18 to 21 would be Talk of the Town (club review), a nude club that admits guys 18+.  If you get there just before 8 pm, the evening dancers are coming on and the admission fee is still only $7 (it’s $25 after 8 pm).

Settle in with a free soft drink to watch the nude stage show, with each pretty young dancer doing a 3-song set, allowing for plenty of scorching striptease.  At Talk of the Town, you can even get a nude high-contact lap dance from some dancers for $10 (other dancers charge the standard $20).

Talk of the Town doesn’t have a limo to transport customers, but it’s right on the Strip, so you can either drive yourself, take a short cab ride, or even hop on a Strip bus.  You can even walk if you’re staying at the north end of the Strip.

If you’re on a tight budget, Deja Vu Showgirls, Palomino Club and Talk of the Town offer the best strip club deals in Vegas for an out-of-towner with no personal transportation.

A number of the major Vegas strip clubs offer free limo transportation with free entry, but their two-drink minimums will eat most (or all) of your money in two drinks or fewer, and most don’t offer the high quality of erotic stage entertainment that Palomino Club offers, the drink deals at Deja Vu, or the scorching $10 nude lap dances you can get at Talk of the Town.

Best Vegas Strip Clubs on a $60 Budget

Little Darlings Las Vegas Dancer Serenity

Serenity Dances at
Little Darlings
Photo by Hew Burney

Let’s say that the next time I’m in town, my bankroll’s up a bit so I’m staying at Harrah’s. Again, I have no luck at the tables, but this weekend I quit playing when I still have $60 of mad money burning a hole in my pocket. Once more, I want to go to a strip club … but where can I get the most fun for my $60?

Obviously, Deja Vu, Palomino Club and Talk of the Town would still be great options. At Palomino Club (club review / club website), $60 covers the Flying Solo package, which gets you free round-trip transportation, free admission, and three drinks.  Settle in and enjoy the most erotic nude strip club stage show in Las Vegas.

If you’re in a party of two or more, get free admission to Palomino Club just by calling for the free club limo.  Arrive just before 8 pm to avoid the $30 cover (for three drinks) and you’ve got your full $60 to spend on $7 drafts and lap dances. Call 702-642-2984 to reserve your ride.

And at Deja Vu, you can now afford to get a couple of high-mileage lap dances as you enjoy the stage show and your free drink.  As long as you arrive by the free club limo after 9 pm (call 702-308-4605 to reserve your ride), your admission is free and you get a free drink.

On $60, you can also afford a fine evening at Little Darlings (club review), a nude club with a good stage show that admits customers age 18+.  At Little Darlings the admission is $35, but there’s no reason for you to pay that when you can get in for only $15 simply for arriving by the free climb limo.

Soft drinks at Little Darlings start at only $4 (no alcohol here), so after admission and a drink you’ve still got $40 to spend.  This is another club where a strategically placed dollar or two gets a guy on the rail a lot of attention from the naked dancers.  Even better, you can get a fully-nude lap dance at Little Darlings starting at $20, and every lap dance at the club takes place in a private room.  Little Darlings is the only strip club in Vegas to offer a private room experience starting at $20.

Little Darlings has 15-40+ dancers at peak hours.

The point is, even with a $60 budget, you can have a great time in Vegas with some beautiful naked women.

The $150 Vegas Strip Club Budget

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

Rene Dances at Palomino Club

Now I’m staying at Treasure Island, and with $150 strip club money I can start having some serious fun. But I must continue to keep in mind that I should not take a cab because the cab fares to and from the club, plus the club entry fee, would eat up $50-$70 of my budget.

Sapphire (club review / club website) and Treasures (club review / club website) are finally in reach on this budget, if you spend your money wisely.  Sapphire has the best lap dance orgy in town, with 400+ gorgeous dancers at peak hours and an in-your-face, in-your-hands, in-your-lap lap dance scene.  Treasures has 150+ stacked 9s and 10s.  Both offer free entry if you arrive via the club’s limo service (Sapphire charges a $15 limo reservation fee, but waives that fee if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or a bottle—a no-brainer).  Treasures’ limo is free round-trip.



The play if you go to Sapphire with $150 is to take the club limo, get free admission, get the $15 limo fee waived by purchasing the buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon, and nurse a few drinks while spending the rest of your money on the club’s famous high-mileage lap dances on the main floor.  Reserve your limo pick-up time to arrive a little before 9 pm to make sure you can still get a seat.  There will be fewer dancers at 9 pm, but they will still be Sapphire quality, and more will arrive constantly. Call 702-869-0003 to reserve your ride.

Or, if you want to be at the club at peak hours, with a full 400+ stacked and slender beauties looking for laps to settle into, check out the VIP packages at Sapphire.  If you buy a package online, even the VIP65 solo package includes free admission, free limo transport, a line pass, a reserved VIP table, host service and a discount on drinks—essentially $120+ in value plus the club’s royalty treatment for only $65.  That leaves plenty of money for some quality lap dance time.

The club also offers packages for groups, or guys who prefer a specific bottle.  See the club website for details. But I highly recommend the packages at this club, not only for the deal on liquor and free admission and ride, but because it can be impossible to get a seat in this club after 9 pm if you don’t have a reserved table.

The best features of Palomino Club (club review / club website) also open up at this budget level. Again, parties of two or more can get free round-trip limo service to and from the Vegas hotels, with free admission just for taking the free club limo.  And solo guys can get a $60 package that includes free round-trip transport, free admission, and three free drinks.

Palomino Club has 130+ gorgeous young dancers at peak hours.  The club offers $20 lap dances to get to know them, but with my $150 budget, I would strongly consider getting a $100 3-song nude private dance at Palomino, alone with a beautiful naked dancer in one of the club’s roomy private booths, which have opaque curtains covering the doorways.  That’s less than most clubs charge for the group VIP.

Call 702-642-2984 for free transport for groups of two or more to Palomino Club or see the  club website to book a package.

The $500 Vegas Strip Club Budget

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer

Oshun Dances at Sapphire

Oh, man, I’m staying at Caesars, and now I’ve got $500 to have fun in the strip clubs tonight. Where do I go? What do I do to experience the best Las Vegas has to offer on this budget? First, I have to decide how much I want to spend on lap dances, VIP room time, and booze. (I’m still not going to waste a nickel on cab fares or entry fees.)

With $500 to spend, a 30-minute nude private-bedroom show at Palomino Club becomes an option (club review / club website).  Imagine stretching out with a beautiful naked girl on a full-sized bed in a fully-private room for only $350 (includes bottle).  It’s the closest you can get to actual sex with your pants on, and you’d still have enough money for another 10-minute nude VIP dance in a private booth ($100), plus plenty of money for drinks and tips for the club’s fantastic stage show.  What a night.

With a $500 budget, I can even swing some VIP room dances at Sapphire (club review / club website) or Treasures (club review / club website).  Drink prices in these clubs are higher, and bar tabs are added in the VIP rooms, but with $500 to spend, I can afford it.

Check out the VIP packages at Sapphire to get a discount on drinks, free admission and limo, a reserved VIP table, plus the royalty treatment at one of the most elegant strip clubs in town, or the dinner packages at Treasures that get you a gourmet filet and lobster 4-course meal in the club steakhouse.  Or enjoy an evening full of high-mileage $20 lap dances in the main showroom at either club, with uncountable hundreds of stacked and slender dancers to choose from.

Best Vegas Strip Clubs When Money is No Object ($1200+)

Okay, now I’ve got a suite at Wynn and $1200 to blow. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Vegas is my oyster. I am the king of Vegas!

First, a warning: It’s not difficult to blow $1200 in Vegas strip clubs, especially in the VIP rooms where the hosts are peddling $1800 bottles of champagne. If $1200 is dear to you, then you might want to stretch that money by using the same tactics described above but in multiple visits to the clubs.

But assuming you want to blow the whole wad in one club in one night, you’ve got lots of sweet options, including the finest features the Vegas strip clubs have to offer.

On a $1200 budget, you can afford an hour alone with one of the gorgeous and uninhibited dancers in residence at Treasures Las Vegas (club website). Treasures is Vegas’ most luxurious strip club, with deep sofas and easy chairs and private one-on-one VIPs.  Private room dances start at only $250 for 30 minutes plus a $100 bar tab .

Or perhaps you’d like to take one of Sapphire’s (club review / club website) sweet and stacked young things into the club’s elegant Skyboxes, with a real door you can close behind you, for an hour.  Sapphire offers unsurpassed elegance, privacy, service and dancer selection in its private rooms. That’s an unforgettable experience for $500 plus a $300 bar tab.

A 30-minute encounter in a private bedroom with a lovely nude dancer at Palomino would run you $350 with most dancers, and that includes a $100 bottle.  Or you could splurge on a 60-minute nude private-bedroom show at Palomino for $600 (club review / club website).  See your doctor first.

But no matter where I decided to blow my $1200, I wouldn’t be taking taxis and paying cab fares and full entry fees. That’s just money down the tubes, and even your entry fee goes to the cabbie.

Instead, take the free club limo, get free admission, and have more money to enjoy the pleasures of the establishment, no strings attached.

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