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Massive Central Tipping Area

All of the true strip club conosuiers know that The Spearmint Rhino is easily one of the most elite and most fun places to visit out of all the best strip clubs in Las Vegas. And here’s why:

First, the design of this club is truly amazing. The club boasts 18,000-square-feet of pure Luxury, every inch of this club feels expensive and high class. Some of the main features of the Spearmint Rhino is it’s notorious main room, the highlight of this room i the massive central tipping area, this easily the best place to sit, you’ll see some of the hottest dancers you’ve ever seen in your life.

Sorrounding the main stage are two mini stages with go-go poles, usually the next two dancers to be up on stage will dance here until it is they’re turn to be on main stage. There is also one more tipping area in a side room past the bar, this area is alot smaller and more intimate, on most nights this place is packed to the brim with dancers giving public lap dances to dozens of men and it is very visually pleasing to the eye. In every main room there is a fully equipped bar, to ensure  that your night of pleasure and sin is as convenient as possible.

The Rhino is as hot a nightspot as any of the mainstream nightclubs on the Strip, and in the past few years, the Rhino has become the Vegas strip club “to be seen at.” Expect monster crowds inside, especially on the weekend. Spearmint Rhino may be huge with plenty of seating, but it will get packed — so be sure to hit the Rhino early. The expansion of the club should make it a little less crowded once it is complete but who knows maybe it will only double its popularity and further increase it’s legendary legacy as one of the best strip clubs in the world.

Most Luxurious VIP Seating

One of the best things about the The Spearmint Rhino is that the club provides a vast amount of seating options. In every room there are multiple areas for you to enjoy your lap dances. In addition, the Rhino offers some of the most luxurious VIP seating areas and private booths. There are really cool cabanas available as well and you can close the curtains for ultimate privacy and fun.  If you’re into a less extravagent VIP experience and something more low-key the Spearmint Rhino has two very spacious — yet extremely comfortable — private VIP lounging areas where you and your sexy dancer can get to spend some private intimate quality time together.

Speaking of the dancers… The girls at the Rhino are some of the best in the wolrd. Due to the popularity of the club and it’s legendary reputation many of the best dancers from around the world fly in to Vegas to get a taste of what its like to work at the Rhino. Once you are inside you will be overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of beautiful scantily  dressed woman, but don’t worry the ladies are friendly, and not too pushy. There is no way to describe the “Rhino Girls” other than “drop-dead gorgeous.”

You cannot go wrong by deciding to visit the Spearmint Rhino.  It is unquestioably one of the top 3 strip clubs in las vegas and many would argue that it is the #1 club. The Spearmint Rhino is a place where you will have a good chance of spotting A-List celebrities like George Clooney, Howard Stern Floyd Mayweather, Lamar Odom and many other artists, professional athletes and actors.

Spearmint Rhino Gallery

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