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Tao Beach

Jungle Oasis Of Tao Lineup

Tao Beach is like the jungle oasis of the Tao lineup. With its own pool space beyond Tao Restaurant and Tao Nightclub, Tao Beach has an identity all its own — even as it borrows elements of club décor and offers food selections from the restaurant. This is a pool club that values its seclusion at Venetian, but still feels open and interesting to everyone who ventures through.

For the VIP treatment, you can get one of the cabanas with air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, gaming consoles, DVDs, WiFi and a minibar. Tao Beach offers staff members to look after you and masseuses to help you relax those tense muscles. And like some kind of cabana Transformer, you can combine multiple units to accommodate bigger parties and larger groups. They will likely not come to life and battle for galactic supremacy. If they do come to life, they’ll probably just party with you.

Lots of Event & Big EDM DJs

Tao Beach is also home to a lot of special events as well as big-name DJs in the EDM world. Like the nightclub that it’s attached to, Tao Beach is an inspired breath of fresh air in the Vegas party scene. The club’s Asian-inspired allure is very apparent without ever feeling overly tacky or themed. It’s a tropical getaway on your desert getaway, in case you need a vacation from your vacation.


Tao Beach Gallery

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