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Wet Republic Las Vegas

Meet Top Level Artist & Beautiful Hostess

Wet Republic has a very long bar area that serves every type of alcohol conceivable, but also offers frozen drinks to help keep you cool in the scorching Vegas heat. And if you have the dough necessary to rent one of the VIP cabanas or Luxury VIP bungalows you can also get table service of mojitos or other summer drinks provided by one of the many beautiful hostesses at this club.

The cabanas are your ordinary poolside rest spots, with a high end Hakkasan-level glamour that includes giant HD TVs and Blu-ray players. The bungalows come with extreme luxury which includes: guarded security access, posh furniture, high end TVs, misting fans, private miniature pools shared by the bungalows and private restroom and shower facilities — so you don’t have to wait in line with the general public to pee. But what really puts Wet Republic on a different level from the other dayclubs/beach clubs is the ridiculous line up of top level artists management has managed to lure into the MGM Grand.

Treat Yourself To The Wildest Pool Party

This super wet & wild las vegas pool club has both freshwater and saltwater pools for a little extra flavor in each dip. The club is approximately 54,000 sq ft and out of those 54,000 square feet 6,000 is used for the pools and also another 2,500 square feet has been dedicated to the cabanas. All this open space translates into mega crowds throughout the spring and summer. The best DJ’s and tons of celebrities can be spotted here on any given day of the weekend.

Connecting with nearby Hakkasan Nightclub, world famous artists like Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Krewella and many more perform in the booth and get the party people moving. Between the sound system and the huge LED setup over the DJ booth, chances are that you may mistake the sky for being apart of the well-done nightclub design. But when the breeze hits you as you jump, dance and splash in the water listening to youre favorite dj spin his latest hits you’ll remember one thing about Wet Republic: This is the Vegas pool club is the ultimate pool party in the world. When you go to Wet Republic, don’t relax too much; it’s not every day that you get to treat yourself to the wildest pool party in Las Vegas!

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