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Hakkasan Nightclub Las Vegas

Hakkasan Is Different In Vegas

If you were to ask somebody who lives in New York or Dubai about Hakkasan they’d tell you all the amazing things about the Cantonese cuisine. If you asked the average American Midwesterner they’d most likely say gesundheit. (Were not quite sure if that is how you spell it but truthfully we dont really care.) But in Vegas we like to do things differently. We enjoy our high-end restaurants to come complete with their very own mega nightclubs. This is exactly why Hakkasan blends in so well here.

Extravagant Area For Lounging

Towering above the restaurant on the 1st and 2nd floor of the space at the world famous MGM GrandHakkasan nightclub has an extravagant area made for lounging and mingling, an outdoor garden bar and a very large space for dancing. The Ling Ling Lounge is a discreet, Eastern-Asian inspired space that is located on the 3rd floor while the Ling Ling Club is a dance club that has a newer more modern feel to it and is located right next to the Ling Ling Lounge. The Pavilion is located right next to the main nightclub and has a beautiful oriental garden. The main room of the club offers a nightclub experience like no other,  the energy, lights, sounds, and gobs of beautiful people enjoying themselves smiling from ear to ear will leave you in awe.

Hakkasan Nightclub Gallery

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