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Las Vegas Brothel vs Escort Prices

Las Vegas Escorts Have Been Raising Their Prices

Sheri's Ranch Brothel Line-Up

The Line-Up at Sheri’s Ranch

It used to be that you could save as much as a few hundred dollars with an independent escort in Las Vegas in comparison with the prices in Las Vegas area brothels.  That was because an independent escort got to keep your entire payment for herself, while an escort in a brothel has to split your payment with the house.

The price for services with an escort from an agency were in between, with the agency fee ranging from $100 to $300 and added on to the fee the escort charged.

But over the past year or so the price difference between sex in a brothel and sex with an illegal escort has faded away.  Even independent escorts are now charging $300 just to show up at your hotel room, with prices for any sexual services added to that.  

And escorts are now matching the prices of brothel courtesans for sexual services, even though they don’t have to share the fee with the house.

An independent escort I know said, “I used to worry about my prices, until I found out what the brothel girls were charging.  Now I charge the same.”

Recent Vegas-Area Brothel Prices

Alexia Rose is a Courtesan at Alien Cathouse

Alexia Rose is a Courtesan at Love Ranch Vegas

At Love Ranch Vegas and other Vegas-area brothels, rates start at roughly $300 for services like a blow job or full-service massage.  Thirty minutes of half and half is running roughly $500, with an hour roughly twice that.  But consider this a very rough guide, because exact prices always depend on the girl, the exact services, your negotiating skills and the night.  An hour on a big fight night weekend may cost you twice that, maybe three times that with a porn star or Hollywood knockout.  You’ll generally get the best deals in a Vegas-area brothel on a mid-week afternoon when no big convention is in town.

High-end Vegas escorts are now charging roughly the same amounts, again with an additional $300 “agency fee” even when no agency is involved.

If you’ve gotten an escort through your casino host, expect the charge to be a couple hundred higher to cover his kickback.

If you look at a site like Eros, or an escort’s personal website, the amounts listed are usually for companionship (without sex).  Don’t expect the $300-$500/hour quoted on these sites to cover the entire experience.

If you’re intent on employing an illegal independent escort rather than going to a legal brothel, I’d recommend subscribing to a website like TER or eccie, where you can read customer reviews of specific escorts and get a realistic idea of pricing for that girl before you make a call.

Otherwise, I’d head over to one of the Las Vegas area brothels, where the experience is legal, you can see and flirt with the girls before hiring, and you have some bargaining power because you’re not laying out $300 before negotiations start.  Plus, there’s a room full of girls down the hall if the first girl you’ve chosen quotes too high a price or doesn’t otherwise meet your expectations.

For more information on Vegas-area brothel prices, see our post on Vegas brothel prices from an escort’s perspective, where local escort Kourtney Chase explains brothel charges and escorts’ expenses and give tips on negotiating your next brothel party.

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