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Marquee Day Club Las Vegas

Spectacular Design & Detail

Marquee Dayclub is very similar too the Marquee Nightclub. It’s got the same name and the soul that has 1000’s of party people flocking party at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas every weekend. When you make it to the second floor immediately you’ll notice a massive lineup just like the nightclub. But once you hit the sun you know this is something totally unique.

Once you make it up the stairs you will have to pass through an outdoor area, go past a flock of lockers then up a flight of stairs past the lockers and finally to the pool club. All of this activity is just building the suspense. (And it’s nothing compared to adventure of leaving through either elevators or back room stairs.) When you finally make it to the rooftop pool club you can see the spectacular attention to detail that makes Marquee such a widely known name in the club world. The open doors to part of the nightclub give you a place to catch some shade, and maybe watch the gambling nearby. But when you’re ready to move out to the pool you can see just how tight the space is.

Club Goers Get What They Crave

With a typical pool club layout, Marquee gives average club goers exactly what they crave — sun, fun and a DJ laying the beat. But the real appeal of Marquee are the cabanas with their own little infinite pools and hot tubs. (Don’t worry. They don’t have to be hot. This is Vegas after all.) The whole cabana area is limited to cabana renters and gives an exclusive experience that you can’t get everywhere. This is the place to be at Marquee Dayclub. It’s the luxury you want in the privacy you deserve.

Like most pool clubs, you can get every drink you can imagine, lots of surprisingly hot food for being outside in the desert and plenty of eye candy. If you want to be a part of the party, get to Marquee and live it up in the pool. If you want to overlook the party while having one of your own, rent a cabana and experience what it’s like to be a VIP at Marquee.

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