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Treasures Gentleman Club Las Vegas

Experience Royalty

If you’re going to give your strip club a name like Treasures you better be sure that you live up to that hype or else you’ll open yourself up to massive amounts of ridicule. Interestingly enough, Treasures does a great job of pulling this off.

One of the great things about Treasures Gentlemen’s club and Steakhouse is that it appeals to everyone regardless of the type of girl that you may be into. They have the girl next door type, tattooed blondes, Russians, Latinas, Blacks and everything that may be found in between. The club also has a great mix of surgically enhanced dancers and natural beauties.

When you first walk inside of Treasures one of the first things that you’ll notice is the dramatic setting. There is so much to take in at once it may feel a bit overwhelming.

The foyer looks like something that you would expect to see on an episode of MTV’s “Cribs” with all its oversized chandeliers and winding staircases. To the right of the foyer is where you’ll find the clubs famous steakhouse, served to you in a fashion fit for a king living in his massive
sex palace; this is how you’ll feel when you come here to eat and Treasures Gentlemen’s Club and steakhouse is known for serving up some of the best steaks you’ll find at any strip club and even rivals that of some on the Las Vegas Strip.

Beyond the foyer is where the main room is located and where all of the action goes down! There are three stages that always usually has at least one sexy girl dancing on it and the girls rotate from one to the next after they have finished performing their required 3 songs. The main stage of Treasures Gentlemen’s club and Steakhouse is one of the most extravagant and over the top in all of Las Vegas. Girls work on a neon go-go pole and have a bag full of special effects tricks to enhance the performance.

If you find a girl like you really like there are a sea of tables and chairs that fills up the space between the stages which makes it extremely convenient to grab a dancer as soon as she gets off the stage to get a lap dance tableside.

Smoking Hot Treasures

During special times during the day 4pm – 8pm there is a buffet available along the left side of the main room and a full bar just to the right of the room.

If you want a little bit of privacy while getting a lap dance downstairs semi-private rooms can be found in the far left corner of the club. I say semi-private because each of the rooms has glass doors in front of them which allows everyone to still see you.

For more privacy and intimacy I suggest either taking your girl upstairs to the second level or the champagne room which can be found tucked away in between the buffet and semi-private rooms but beware bottle minimums are in effect inside there, but it’s another option for when you
find that special dancer.

The winding staircases that lead you upstairs has a skybox which allows you to see all the action, more tables and another bar for you to order happy drinks from. is the second level, the skybox where you can still take in all the action downstairs plus an additional stage. More tables sit here in what serves as an overflow area on the busiest of nights.

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse is not the largest strip club in Las Vegas but it definitely is more than big enough at 27,000 but if for some reason this isn’t quite big enough for you there’s talk about adding an additional 19,000 square feet to it. If this happens this would make Treasures Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse one of the largest strip clubs in Las Vegas and force it to go on a hiring spree to add even more smoking hot treasures to its already impressive collection!

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