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XS Nightclub Las Vegas

Most Luxurious Club In Las Vegas

XS nightclub has raised the bar in the Las Vegas club scene, it brings a whole new level of luxury to the nightclub game, there are few clubs that can even come close to it’s oppulence. Bringing a whole new level of Las Vegas luxury to the Strip, XS lives up to its name, with an excessive out of the ordinary design scheme that somehow molds itself into the perfect nightclub you knew could possibly exist. One of the truly amazing features of the main room is the backdrop of the pool behind the main dj stage, it almost looks like the entire club is floating on water, you won’t be quite sure where the chandelier lit dance floor ends and the outdoor pool begins.

The designers of this extravagent club got their inspiration from the sexy curves of the female body, models of which you’ll see in shining gold behind the well stocked bars. If you want to see Real live curves just switch your attention over to the raised platforms near the dance floor where you’ll find perfect 10 stunners strutting there stuff for the crowd.

Earn Celebrity Status with XS Bottle Service

One of the main sources of income for XS is it’s bottle service. Because of this you’ll notice that the club has alot of VIP seating. Getting bottle service at this club will place you in elite status. High rollers and celebrities often frequent XS so naturally anyone who notices you with a table will automatically perceive you to be either a high roller or celebrity.

In addition to bottle sevice inside, bottle service is also available outside the club with cabanas and beds that sorround the massive pool. These booth are tremendous for the scenery and the more layed back vibe that you will not experience inside of the club. In the cooler months of the year the club provides heat lamps for it’s guests. For a unique twist on a night out, reserve one of the cabanas, you will have the choice to either party openly among the patrons of the club or close your curtains for a more intimate and private party amongst your friends. For the truly decadent, a fair amount of outdoor beds are available for those who feel the need to lie down to properly enjoy the experience of XS nightclub. Regardless of what you’ve come to expect from a Las Vegas nightclub, XS is guaranteed to impress. In a town like this, that’s no small accomplishment.

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