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Encore Beachclub Las Vegas

Spacious & Luxurious

The inside of the club feels very spacious and luxurious. There is a ton of amazing cabanas that come with all the bells and whistles such as temperature control units with misters, large balconies in the back that hang over the world famous las vegas strip, and bungalows with discrete bathrooms.

If you decide not to spend big on one of the Encore Beach Clubs luscious cabanas there are 2 bars located on either side of the club so there is no need to walk far to get a drinks. If you’re willing to pay for bottle service there are lots of smaller tables and beds that are much more affordable than booking a private cabana. And if you’re choosy, the liquor selection is truly robust.

The club has lily pads and lounge chairs that are awesome for relaxing and taking in the scene without ever having to leave any of the 3-tiered pools, which are separated by walkways and a large bridge in the middle, which is completely luxurious on its own. These lily pads have 3 silver poles where you’ll spot many girls dancing on them as if they were stripper poles and a round red covering that pours down water in a rain-like fashion and is also equipped with misters on the outside ring to help keep you cool in the sun.

Bungalow Is The Best

Encore Beach Club has a full food menu at the grille. And access to the club is very convenient due to the fact that the club is located just outside of the Encore Hotel parking garage. If you have the money to afford a bungalow or cabana, we say go for it. It’s basically like having a small apartment with a view of a pool club and the north part of the Strip. It gives you privacy and a sense of exclusivity that others will envy.

If you can’t afford it that’s ok, the Encore Beach Club is still a fantastic party spot for all attendees regular of status or wealth. And you can always copy what we do and just tell people you’ve got a bungalow but you can’t take them there right now because of mumbled reasons, then quickly switch topics before they walk away without making eye contact. There are so many  people at Encore Beach Club that eventually someone might believe you.

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