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With that being said out of all the strip clubs in Las Vegas Crazy Horse III (3) is my favorite because it has just the right mix of girls, from the girl-next-door type to tattooed vixens, and clubs that have such great variety are usually the clubs you make return trips to. 

Crazy Horse 3 (III) has found a way to successfully blend what pretty much every man or woman would want in an exotic dancer, no matter what their taste, and throws them into a sophisticated club that will cater to your every need. 

Crazy Horse 3 is a great place to have business meetings or to throw wild bachelor/ bachelorette parties. The club is seriously cool and could easily pass as a night club if it weren’t for all the stripper poles in the way. 

There is a good variety of places for you to sit which offer multiple angles to view you’re favorite dancers and they also have a slew of comfortable couches sprinkled about where most people like to enjoy themselves with their beautiful exotic dancer of choice. 

The entire place gives off a red glow dark enough to give you that underground night club feel but just light enough for you to see where your money is going before you make any beer-goggled decisions. 

But as mentioned before this is club is filled with hotties so you could basically throw your money at any girl regardless of how smashed you are and still be confident you made very wise decisions throughout the night.

 Crazy Horse 3 offers a nice blend of everything you’re looking for. Most of the girls appear to be in their early to mid-20s, but there are a few that look closer to 30 if you’re into that.

Looking For A Night To Remember?

From my experience, the ladies are all usually more than happy to talk with you for a bit before they say the 7 magic words “would you like to get a dance?.” Also, you’ll have plenty of time to pick out your favorite girl if you sit near the stage. Depending on how busy the club is, there can be up to three girls dancing on one stage at a time.

Overall Crazy Horse 3 (III) is a great place to visit if you are looking to have a night to remember with the people you love whether it be for business meetings, drink with your buddies after the club, or bachelor & bachelorette parties.

The women are beautiful, fun and know how to make you feel like you are #1. The environment is always charged with excitement and you will usually spot a celebrity or two depending on when you go.

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Finding a gentlemen’s club that offers the perfect mix of dancers can sometimes be a very difficult task to accomplish. Some places have a few pretty decent looking girls working for them and others have a bunch of crack head looking type of girls you wouldn’t even dare to touch with a broom stick.

In my opinion a good strip club has a good balance between the “girl next door” type who is hot but not completely out of your league, and the supermodel chick that you know is WAY out of your league but they fulfill every guy’s fantasy of having a super-hot girl shake her tits and ass in their smiling faces.

Having this kind of balance in a strip club is very important because it causes the environment to feel more real and authentic; too many supermodels and you’ll feel like you need to guard your wallet and if there are too many “girl next door” types and below it lowers the overall value of the entire venue.

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