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Las Vegas Bars


This was a hard one. Vegas is a unique town and we’ve got a lot of unique bars. We seriously spent way longer than we’re proud of narrowing down this list and trying to figure out our exact motivation for including what we did. And we’re not even going to try to put them in a specific order, so we just went alphabetically. We won’t bore you with the process, but trust us when we say these are the bars with vibes and atmospheres you won’t want to miss. But if anyone not listed asks, we totally just picked bars at random. *wink*


Why have one bar when you can have three? Well, the answer to that is probably so you don’t have to walk while drunk. But at The Chandelier you don’t have to worry about walking too far. This bar is unique in that it combines three separate spaces, each with its own feel and dimension, to create what we have frequently called (just made up this second) a layered cake of libations. The first floor is a casino bar with live music, the third floor (which is actually on the second floor of the building) is a suave lounge offsetting the shopping space and the middle level, accessible only through the other two, is a private cocktail room with its own mixologists. So take your unique personality to the Chandelier and find the level that’s right for you – or at least right for you right now.


The uniqueness of Commonwealth is less obvious than some other spots on the list. It’s not weirdly decorated and it doesn’t have video games. But what it does have is a rich personality and plenty of space to entertain, express or invite a little closeness. Starting in the main bar, the room feels like the loft of the coolest person you’ve ever met, until you realize they’re just a ghost and you’re going mad. *GASP* But then you calm down and get a drink from the expert bartenders who mix outstanding cocktails from scratch. Up the stairs you find the roof with its own bar, DJ spot and seating – all of which overlooked Fremont Street creating a unique vantage points for people watching or the various events that take place. It’s all unique in the way precision and personality are unique in a city built on excess and losing your shirt. Of course, if you do lose your shirt there’s also a secret bar in Commonwealth called the Laundry Room. But that’s another story all together.


It’s a freakin’ tiki room. When was the last time you saw one of those? If you’re under 60 the answer is probably never. But now you’ve got the chance to experience what people thought was way rad or whatever they said in 1957. Frankie’s Tiki Room is unique because, and hold your boats for this one, it’s a tiki room. It’s got the tiki statues, bamboo, special drinks with little umbrellas in them and even a shrunken head that may or may not have a little umbrella stuck in it depending on how drunk people got last night. The statues were custom designed just for the bar and everything about it screams “we’ve managed to create a tiki bar that’s entertaining and still lands just this side of racist.” If you want a unique experience with affordable and strong drinks, head to Frankie’s. Just don’t break any of the tikis. You won’t get cursed or anything, but the owners will be really bummed.


Have you ever wished that your summer camp were a bar? Or did you just spend your summers as a kid hanging out at a bar while wearing a fake moustache and pretending to be a 35-year-old optometrist named Raul? If you did that last one then props to you. You’re hardcore. But if you just want to live it up like that, Gold Spike has a variety of games and opportunities for fun that make it a unique place to drink. In addition to the typical pool and darts, they’ve also got bean bag toss (which apparently goes by many names depending on where you’re from – the funniest of which being “corn holer”), giant Jenga and plenty of board games. There’s also a bed. We don’t really know what to do with that either. Lay on it? Lie to your SO on it? Probably not the best idea to fall asleep on it. But it is unique. And that’s the important thing here.


It’s like Oktoberfest every day of the year at Hofbräuhaus. And, while we hate them for making us look up how to put umlauts on letters in our blog software – and how to spell umlaut – we love them for the incredible beer and German attitude you don’t really see much of in the desert. The building is a replica of the original Hofbräuhaus in Munich, which we guess makes it a little less unique, but it’s still special to us. And if you disagree with that the Germans will… bail out your banking system probably. They’ve changed a lot over the years. With authentic music and a lively atmosphere, Hofbräuhaus is the place to go to drink beer and meet new people. With the family seating you’re pretty likely to meet a new drinking buddy. But with the quality of the beer just be careful about overindulging. You might get booted out with a hearty, “Aussteigen!” (That means “get out” in German. We have no idea if that’s what they would actually say. We can hold our beer.)


So you want a place where you can drink and rock your Boba Fett outfit without having people look at you like you just crawled out of a sarlacc pit. You’re in luck. Las Vegas has its very own cosplay bar called Millennium Fandom where you can dress up as your favorite characters from sci-fi and fantasy all while downing shots of great cocktails that you can pretend are butter beer or Romulan ale. There’s no limit on the cosplay potential, though it should probably still comply to public nudity laws. And if you do dress up as Boba Fett, don’t pick a fight with a Jedi. Millennium Fandom is a clever speakeasy where your fandom fantasies come to life.


Beauty and sophistication can be unique, especially when they’re applied to an area like the Las Vegas Strip where slot machines outnumber books something like 8 trillion to one. But thankfully, Skybar at Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas keeps things classy with an impressive space that feels like a magnificent loft that’s actually owned by a real person you would totally hook up with if it meant waking up to that view. Yeah, we need to hit that view pretty hard. It’s one of the best in the city and the fact that you’re experiencing it from such a warm and upscale locale makes it even more alluring. Add in the live jazz and the delectable cocktail and small bites menus and it’s easy to see far and away why Skybar is much more unique than the 30 little casino bars you’ve probably passed in the last 10 minutes.


Yes, there are Minus 5 Ice Bars in other places. We’ll concede that right now. But are any of those in the desert? What’s that? We can’t hear you. No? That’s what we thought. We’ve got the only two Minus 5 Ice Bars in the desert, because where else would you need to be surrounded by ice? When the sun is blazing and cooking all the tourists like a fine tofurky loaf (some of our writers are veggie), Minus 5 is the only place in town to be surrounded by 360 degrees of 23 degree goodness. If that’s confusing to you it’s probably a symptom of heat stroke and you should get to Minus 5 as quickly as possible. If you like ice, and weirdly your hotel won’t let you hang out in their industrial freezer, Minus 5 is your most unique (and only) option in Las Vegas.


Have you been to Park on Fremont? Unique might be a strong enough word. From the paintings of deranged little girls to the deer head with guns for antlers to the taxidermy birds behind the bar to the books behind the bar to the fireplace behind the bar to the bartenders behind the bar to the sign in the bathroom that says “employees must say ‘Bloody Mary’ into the mirror three times before returning to work,” Park on Fremont is like no place else probably in the world. If Tim Burton opened a bar he would close it like a week later saying he couldn’t compete with Park on Fremont. And we haven’t even made it to the backyard patio yet. We don’t want to run out of space so we’ll just say: carriage on the roof, neon green sign that says something we can’t print, outdoor fireplace, statues, hidden teeter-totter. And now we’ll take a breath and think of all the stuff we forgot. Seriously, just go there. You’ll know. Oh you’ll know.


This place is a Vegas classic that remains unique even though it’s kind of trapped itself in 1976. The fire pit in the middle of the lounge area would probably be unique enough, but the lighting, the ambiance and the fact that the fire pit has liquid in it all add to the appeal of this lounge. With a full restaurant as well, you can fill up on food before filling up on drinks. And being open 24 hours means you could stop in anytime for a nightcap or to pregame, or you could spend your whole night in one spot. Compared to some of the others on the list, it might seem somewhat more mainstream. But trust us when we say that Peppermill Fireside Lounge knows its identity and is proud to be as unique as it is. If other spots scared you off, but you still don’t want to sit at a Chili’s and drink, Peppermill is a great, and unique, bar, lounge and restaurant.


Cheap buffets and free limo rides to Vegas strip clubs are for the birds (actually, If you can get the hookup, who are we to turn down a good deal). Vegas is an upscale town full of upscale bars. We’ve got views to die for, mixologists who’re changin’ the game and vibes that set the city on fire. Speaking of fire, raise that Pappy Van Winkle 23 and kick your feet up on whatever sorry sap of a manservant makes the best foot stool. It’s time to enjoy the best upscale bars in Las Vegas.


We’re going to try our hardest to not make a corny James Bond joke here. Skyfall Lounge at the Delano has one of the most unique views in Las Vegas. Couple the vistas with an innovative cocktail menu (appropriately arranged by categories including Shaken and Stirred, their words not ours) and it’s easy to see why this place is a hit. And if you’re really feeling like a baller, the bottle service menu allows you to enjoy spirits made tableside. Not too shabby, eh? Just remember that Skyfall isn’t for your eyes only. OK, sorry for the joke. We couldn’t resist.


The brainchild of celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse, Delmonico Steakhouse at The Venetian doesn’t skimp on the “Bam,” that the chef is known for. But unlike that sad attempt of a joke, Delmonico is a classy broad. We’re talkin’ white linen tablecloths, lighting that’ll kick start the bow-chick-a-bow-wow and a hand crafted cocktail menu that’d make Don Draper blush. Remember where you’re at, just because Emeril can shout a loud and ridiculous catchphrase doesn’t mean you can (unless, you know, you do it when no one is looking).


This isn’t any ordinary lobby bar. Tucked into the Delano, Franklin Bar has an air of sophistication all its own. It’s dark, rich color scheme and sweet fireplace make it feel like a gentleman’s cigar lounge (sorry guys, there’s no bear-skin rug). But that’s the kicker; this is a smoke-free joint. So breathe easy knowing that you’re not going to have to worry about hitting a wall of smoke. Parlay that with craft cocktails, tasty apps and tiny firefly looking lights, and you have yourself an upscale Las Vegas bar.


Brilliant things happen when food and drink are perfectly paired, like a unicorn and a koala bear. La Cave inside the Wynn is upscale in every sense of the word (like it could be anything else considering it’s the Wynn). Their uh-maze-zing wine selection was literally designed to pair perfectly with their small plates-menu. These pairings pull in flavors that your blue-blood taste buds could only dream of. La Cave is an upscale bar for classy people who love classy drinks in a classy ambiance. Any more class and you’d have to talk to a guidance counselor about setting up next semester’s schedule. Zing!


Upscale, high class, classy AF, whatever adjective you want to use, Skybar is all of that. Besides the top-notch mixology options and the intimate, low-light ambiance, Waldorf Astoria’s Strip views make it a literal sight to see. The cocktail menu is huge and the food menu is clutch with its light bites. Pair that with a live jazz band and you have the makings of a perfect date spot. The fact that this is a non-gaming property that you have to weave through the City Center maze to get to, naturally makes tourist traffic pretty light. So if you really want to impress someone or just have a nice night to yourself, Skybar is where it’s at.


Coming to the desert just naturally makes you want to cozy up next to a fireplace and a big rug (that might sound weird, but trust us on that). So walking into Foundation Room on the top floor of Mandalay Bay totally sets you at ease, because they have a fireplace AND big rugs. This place is all about chillin’ on a sofa and enjoying another’s company. But don’t get it twisted, this place turns up on weekends, just ask the DJ spinning on the ones-and-twos or one of the artists that hit the place up after a set at the House of Blues. And the lush décor, ugh, it’s like going to your rich grandma’s house. You know, where everything is so pretty that you’re afraid to touch it? But no worries, they’re totally cool with that sort of thing.


The centerpiece of STK Steakhouse inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, STK Bar is unlike any other restaurant bar in town. For one, the music bumps. Like, for real, there’s a DJ spinning music in the dining room. The sleek, modern, dark wood backdrop just screams “cologne ad,” in all the right ways (maybe try to rub up against it you know, for the fragrance). Super hip, super cool, 100% upscale. Like we said, sexy is the vibe here, so dress to impress and get down on some tuna tartare while guzzling down a Hennessey Ginger Mojito or some other trendy cocktail creation. Your belly and your image will thank you.


Yea, this is a lobby bar, but that doesn’t stop Tower Suite Bar at Encore from being one of the most upscale bars in Vegas. Steve Wynn basically belches glitter, and you get that whiff as soon as you walk in. The furniture in the place looks like it’s straight from a fashion magazine for crying out loud. So bring your camera, make sure the lighting is right and que that fashion magazine photo shoot for Vogye’s sake. #Glam


Vdara has no gaming or smoking. So when people are looking for something to do on property, Vice Versa is where it all goes down. The bar has a gorgeous indoor space and an outdoor area that is arguably more fab, complete with firepits and beautiful flora that separates the guests from the randos walking the sidewalk. That leafy wall and submerged fire pits are great distractions as they make you feel like you’re hidden in a mountain getaway. Or a dryer sheet commercial, your call. But it’s the etched crystal glassware that really classes this place up. We wish that our attention to detail was that great in school.


There are a few things great sports bars in Las Vegas must have. First, a comfortable atmosphere. It can’t be too noisy or too quiet. You need a place where you can hear the game, but then promptly erupt into screams and cheers as your team mercilessly scores for the win. It can’t be too upscale because beer will be spilled and buffalo wings will be dropped. Second, the food has to be good. The wings have to be hot, the beer has to be cold and the nacho cheese sauce can’t be lumpy. And lastly, don’t even think about going to a Vegas sports bar unless you’ve fully scouted the big screen TV situation. There should be multiple and they should be playing every angle. With those standards in mind, here are some of Las Vegas’ best sports bars to watch your favorite teams in style. If you’re looking to place a wager or two on the game, make sure you hit up a Las Vegas sportbook to try your luck before grabbing some grub.


Number of Screens: 40

Beer Pong enthusiast approved, this casual sports bar features 40 screens and a college frat party environment. Pretty much the ideal location to watch sports in Las Vegas. Wings, nachos, pizza and beer are abundant along with beautiful servers in cheerleading uniforms to bring it all to your table. And, just in case you’re worried about watching the game, a huge 12-foot screen is centered with a peppering of 60” TV’s for a good view no matter where you’re seated…even if it’s at a beer pong table!


Number of Screens: 105

With 105 high definition TV’s and direct walk-up access from the Las Vegas Strip, PBR Rock Bar is the ultimate place to hang out for the game. The restaurant/ bar features delicious BBQ including ribs, chicken and brisket. A mechanical bull in the restaurant livens up the action and always gets the party started. Speaking of party, there’s always a party on the Strip-side patio. The people watching alone is enough to make your night memorable, even if your favorite team doesn’t win. Insider Tip: Get the Dorito-crusted mac & cheese!


Number of Screens: 60

Tap features 60 flat-screen TV’s, a wide variety of beers on tap and American pub fare surrounded by athletic memorabilia in MGM Grand. Giant pretzels, giant burgers and a tower of beer for the win among the food and beverage options. There is an extensive beer menu filled with craft brews on tap. Tap is located right across from the sports book and easily accessible from the Las Vegas Strip.


Number of Screens: We’ve lost count

With more than 100 beers on the menu, Beer Park is one of our absolute favorite locations to watch a game. The wide second floor patio overlooking the Las Vegas Strip features 36 beers on tap in a beer garden environment, complete with grassy lawn to play games like giant Jenga and Connect Four. And, of course, tons of screens to watch the game. Plenty of picnic tables in the outdoor garden along with bar seating and space to roam around and meet fellow fans makes this place one of our top picks.


Number of Screens: 6

With three locations the in Las Vegas Valley, this battle born bar is a Las Vegas staple. The Las Vegas bar features delicious food from salads to a whole slider menu and plenty of TV’s to watch the big game. The Craft Pub location is located at the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s, perfect for indoor/ outdoor partying. The Craft Pub also features a number of craft brews and flavored popcorn, including dill pickle and peppered bacon.


Vegas is basically the Thomas Edison of partying. Like, we totally invented it and, like any good hearted Samaritan, shared it with the world. The beauty of being a party innovator is that we can give you the 4-1-1 on all of the best places, drinks and yes, dance moves. Everyone can party in this town and we’re going to show you where. These are the best party bars in Las Vegas.


Party Profile: Rock star on holiday

We can see it now: you’re on stage, the crowd is chanting your name and suddenly, you forget the words. Sorry that your big break fell into the toilet, but thankfully Cabo Wabo Cantina has enough tequila to help you wash away your pains. Created by legendary rock star Sammy Hagar, this place combines the laid back vibe of Cabo inside, with the craziness of Vegas outside on the patio. Yeah, there’s a menu full of Mexican food, but since you’re here to party, you’re gonna want to try the Cabo Flight. These things feature three of Cabo Wabo’s finest tequilas. You probably won’t be able to sing like a rockstar, and you’ll probably get arrested for asking people to throw panties at you, but for a brief moment, those shots will make you feel like you could rock the stage.


Party Profile: You don’t have to be in college to go on Spring Break

Everyone knows that any place with a single letter in the middle of their name is clearly a super rad place. Think about it: Chuck E. Cheese, Toys R Us and the DMV. We’re totally kidding about that last one, but Carlos & Charlie’s is actually ridiculously rad. Tucked inside the Flamingo, this Mexican eatery is like those places you went to for Spring Break back in the day. If you don’t believe us, they proudly hang a disclaimer on their menu that says, “Our drinks improve the looks of the people around you.” Umm yeah, this is our kind of place. Flair bartenders, sweet decorations and a patio with gorgeous views make this the perfect place to rage. Just remember, if you order one of their souvenir cups, it may or may not fit in your suitcase. It’s that big.


Party Profile: Waking up on a beach without pants. And being cool with it

Señor Frogs has a reputation for a reason. We’re not even sure that we can hang. Ok, that was a lie. We’re party pros- of course we could handle it. This Mexican restaurant and bar knows what the people want: delicious food, huge drinks and barstools that look like butts. Don’t even act like that hasn’t always been a dream of yours. If you happen to see someone walking the Strip with a balloon hat, it probably came from Señor Frog’s. So head there to get your party on, island style. And feel free to give the butt chairs a grab. You know you want to.


Party Profile: Basically every Jimmy Buffett song, ever

You know the crazy parties those Parrotheads throw before every Jimmy B concert? Well, this place is the physical reincarnation of that. Margaritaville is located inside/beside Flamingo and is home to the 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar with its sweet patio and cool inside bar. The Margaritaville restaurant is a little further north on the Strip, but it too houses several bars and varying degrees of margaritatude. Regardless, either place is any Parrothead’s perfect combination of partying and relaxation, with plenty of Hawaiian shirts sprinkled in.

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