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The 10 Las Vegas Nightclub Commandments

The 10 Las Vegas Nightclub Commandments


1.  Reserve Guestlist

We offer guest lists for the best dayclubs and nightclubs in Las Vegas. Signing up for the guest lists are free and easy. We have the connections to get you into the most popular nightclubs with no cover. Being placed on our lists help you skip the line and get in for free meaning no cover charge.

Joining a Las Vegas nightclub guest list is as simple as signing up, because (and you’ll like this) our guest list gets merged directly with the one used at your favorite Las Vegas nightclub’s door!

Seriously. We’re like your direct line, past the line!

2. Reserve Bottle Service

Bottle service is by no means necessary for entry at a club, but it is the best option if looking for a truly exclusive and memorable night out for you and your friends. A purchase of one or more of these bottles ensures you will have a table for the night, complimentary mixers for your drinks, and people to take care of you.

There are also circumstances where bottle service is only a step up in cost from paying cover and buying drinks all night at the bar (e.g. for a group of all guys on a busy night), and therefore an extremely reasonable play.

3. Arrive on Time

If you are on the guestlist and want to avoid standing in line for 3 hours or more, you’ll need to arrive by the cut off time stated in the confirmation e-mail and text messages sent by us (usually between 10:30pm and 1:00am, depending on the club), have proper ID, and be in dress code. If you have bottle service than you don’t have to worry as much because a VIP host will escort you directly to the front.

4. Arrive in Style

Las Vegas is the place to showcase your ultimate style and make your best impression wherever you go. When it comes to nightclubs you’ll definitely want to dress to impress by wearing high fashion dress clothing  such as collared shirts, dress pants, suits and dress shoes, instead of baggy clothing, sports attire, hoodies, or flip flops.

Another great way to arrive to nightclubs in ultimate style and give people that celebrity status appeal, is to use our party bus service. Our party buses are luxurious, spacious, and an extremely affordable way to get the night started on the right track!

5. Pre-Drink

Las Vegas is a place to let loose and get wild, but it is also a very expensive place so we suggest pre-drinking before you get to the club so you won’t have to spend as much money once you’re inside the venue to keep the buzz going. Booking our party bus is a great way to pre party before you make it inside the real party…

You’ll get 1 hr tour of the vegas strip, we stop at the las vegas sign for pictures, strippers on board to entertain the whole time , and at the end we escort you directly to the front of the line to the hottest nightclub in vegas vip style!

6. Don’t tip Doorman to Skip Lines

Save your money! There is no one “doorman” who decides if you get in or not. Every nightclub has 3 separate lines: general admission, guest list, and bottle service.  If you signed up for the guest list (which is already free) you’ll be checked in at the third line.

This may seem counterintuitive but general admission lines are typically the shortest of the 3 lines going into the club. This is because the vast majority of the people you see inside of a Vegas nightclub came in on the guest list. Very few people purchase tickets nowadays, making the line extremely short.

7. Tip Servers & VIP Hosts

Tipping the people that are working hard and serving you is important.. It’s the best way to show your appreciation.

8. Watch Your Drinks

If your buying bottle service definitely watch your drinks, people may try to target you and slip something in your drinks because they think you have a lot of money and may try to set you up to rob you.

In addition to this we always suggest not getting to inebriated to avoid getting sloppy drunk, kicked out, and not being able to remember how your night went.

9. Make Friends 

It’s cool to hang out with the people you already know but Making friends is one of the best ways to take your night to the next level. Some of the benefits of making friends are having more fun, possibly getting invited into vip area or a cool afterparty…

In addition you may make a new connections that may lead to something even bigger than you expected like a business opportunity or just a new lifelong friend that improves the quality of your life. You never know who you will meet so always be open to socializing and making new friends while in las vegas.

10. Afterparty

Once the clubs close down the party doesnt stop in las vegas.. There are many options to keep the party going … Maybe you met some cool people and end up at an afterparty… Or drais afterhours… Our nuber 1 recommendation for an awesome afterparty is visiting a las vegas strip club…

Las Vegas strip clubs are open really late and some of them are open for 24hrs .. The atmosphere is alot more chill but the party is still raging.. Plus you’ll get to see some of tge most beautiful women in the world working at thesr clubs… We over an all inclusive package for just $100/person

Drai’s Nightclub

  • Location: Cromwell
  • Days Open: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Club Hours: 10:00PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $30 – $100
  • Average Line: 45 Min – 1.5 hours
  • Music Type: Hip Hop, Top 40, Open Format
Drai’s Nightclub towers 11 stories above the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. It redefines the Vegas entertainment experience. The crowning jewel of The Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Drais Las Vegas provides an unrivaled…

Drai’s After Hours

  • Location: Cromwell
  • Days Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Club Hours: 11:45PM – 6AM
  • Cover charge: None
  • Average Line: 10 minutes
  • Music Type: Hip Hop, Top 40, Open Format, Reggaeton

Drais After Hours Las Vegas, the original after hours nightlife venue, has been the go to late-night party destination for more than twenty years. Located in the basement of the Cromwell, this underground club is…

Zouk Nightclub

  • Location: Resorts World
  • Days Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Club Hours: 11pm – 4am
  • Cover charge: $100+
  • Average Line: 45 min – 1 hour
  • Music Type: EDM, Deep House, Top 40
Zouk Las Vegas, is the newest 26,060 SQ FT nightclub located at Resorts World, will have a new innovative space, pushing the boundaries of dance music and is poised to become the most technologically…

Hakkasan Nightclub

  • Location: MGM Grand
  • Days Open: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Club Hours: 10:00PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $30 – $100
  • Average Line: 45 minutes to 2 hours
  • Music Type: EDM, Top 40, Open Format
Hakkasan Las Vegas, a mega-club like no other experience with world famous electronic artists at the helm of the decks. The flagship nightlife namesake for the world’s largest nightlife company, Hakkasan Group, Hakkasan Nightclub…

Omnia Nightclub

  • Location: Caesars Palace
  • Days Open: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Club Hours: 10:30PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $50 – $100
  • Average Line: 45 Minutes – 3 Hours
  • Music Type: EDM, Top 40, Open Format
If you’re looking for is a nightlife experience at one of the most remarkably well-designed nightclubs around, Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace is. To be sure, this place is impressive. And with three separate…

XS Nightclub

  • Location: Encore
  • Days Open: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Club Hours: 10:30PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $30 – $100
  • Average Line: 45 Minutes – 3 Hours
  • Music Type: EDM, Top 40, Open Format
XS Las Vegas, has been dubbed the “number one nightclub in the United States” by Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100 for an impressive five years in a row. XS Nightclub is a beautifully-decorated mega-club…

Jewel Nightclub

  • Location: Aria
  • Days Open: Monday, Friday, Saturday
  • Club Hours: 10:30PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $20 – $60
  • Average Line: 30 Min – 1 hour
  • Music Type: Hip Hop, Top 40, Open Format
Jewel Nightclub is a multi-level venue that includes the main dance floor with a mezzanine level, which includes 5 private suites, each with its own private entrance. Jewel Vegas Nightclub DJ booth includes a…

Encore Beach Club At Night

  • Location: Encore
  • Days Open: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Club Hours: 10:30PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $25 – $50
  • Average Line: 25 Minutes – 1 Hours
  • Music Type: EDM, Top 40, Open Format
Dance to an impressive roster of resident artists like Diplo and DJ Snake, around the same pool you party at during the day. Encore Beach Club At Night and Nightswim (Encore Beach Club Nightswim),…

Marquee Nightclub

  • Location: Cosmopolitan
  • Days Open: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Club Hours: 10:30PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $30 – $50
  • Average Line: 45 Minutes – 3 Hours
  • Music Type: EDM, Top 40, Open Format
Marquee Las Vegas is one of the most energetic nightclubs. It boasts one of the most impressive list of internationally known headlining residents of any club on The Strip. Whether it be Pauly D,…

Tao Nightclub

  • Location: Venetian
  • Days Open: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Club Hours: 10:00PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $20 – $30
  • Average Line: 45 Minutes – 2 Hours
  • Music Type: Hip Hop, Top 40, Open Format
As one of the top grossing nightclubs in the United States for over a decade, Tao Nightclub inside the Venetian hotel is one of the busiest in Las Vegas and is the perfect choice for…

Lavo Party Brunch

  • Location: Venetian Resort (Within the Palazzo)
  • Days Open: Saturday (Seasonal)
  • Club Hours: 12PM – 6PM
  • Cover charge: $20-$50+ *Limited tickets available online, price may increase at the door
  • Average Line: 30 minutes – 1 hour
  • Music Type: EDM, Top 40, Open Format
LAVO Party Brunch is an unparalleled daytime experience that brings together exquisite brunch fare and exuberant daytime partying all in one roaring celebration every Saturday Starting October 2022, and running until March in Las…

On The Record

  • Location: Park MGM
  • Days Open: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
  • Club Hours: 10PM – 4AM
  • Cover charge: $30 – $50
  • Average Line: 45 min – 1 Hour
  • Music Type: Top 40, Open Format
Park MGM, previously known as Monte Carlo, has opened the newest venue on The Strip, On The Record Las Vegas. This speakeasy and club experience is an exciting new way to spend your nights…

Foundation Room Las Vegas

  • Location: Mandalay Bay
  • Days Open: Monday – Sunday
  • Club Hours: 10:30PM – 4:00AM
  • Cover charge: $20
  • Average Line: 15 – 20 Min
  • Music Type: Top 40, Open Format
Imagine a luxurious den 63 stories high with a patio that offers some of the best views of the Las Vegas Strip. Then imagine unparalleled dining, unique libations, live entertainment, and top-flight DJs nightly….

Kamu Karaoke

  • Location: Venetian
  • Days Open: Monday – Sunday
  • Club Hours: 6 PM – 8 AM
  • Cover charge: VIP Room Minimums
  • Average Line: Reservations only
  • Music Type: Karaoke
Featuring the ultimate karaoke experience, KAMU Karaoke features a traditional karaoke experience in a far from traditional environment. Conveniently located at Grand Canal Shoppes The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, in Palazzo Tower, KAMU features…

Tired of searching the internet for “night clubs near me?” or What is the hottest club in Vegas right now? Then read on and learn everything you need to know about the clubs in Vegas and the Las Vegas nightlife scene. This piece will cover everything from the clubs on the Vegas strip, cover charges, dress codes to clubs that attract celebrities. So hurry up and read. If you are looking for additional information, read about The Best Nightclubs In Las Vegas.

How Do I Find Las Vegas Night clubs Near Me?

Above is our list of clubs open near you in Las Vegas. You can easily locate the nearest club to your location or your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. From there, you can find information on night club guest lists and bottle service reservations near you

What is a VIP Host in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Nightclub hosts are your connections to table and bottle service reservation, and entry at the best events. They are in direct contact with you the customer and are the ones in charge of providing you pricing, availability, and handle any VIP needs at the clubs.

How much are nightclubs in Vegas?

The cover charge for most Las Vegas club entry prices range between $20 and $60 for men, and between $10 and $30 for women. But there are two ways to get into Las Vegas nightclubs without paying a cover charge: The first way is to sign up for our free guest lists to the Las Vegas clubs and the second way is to reserve bottle service for your table. Otherwise, be prepared for cover charges.

You now want to know how much are the clubs in Vegas? Cover charges can range from $20 to $60 for men and $10 to $30 for women. Don’t forget that prices will increase during holiday weekends such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve. Men can expect to pay $50 to $200 and women can pay $50 to $100. Club cover charges also increase at Vegas clubs when there are special Las Vegas nightclub events such as Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers and big performances at hip hop clubs like Drais such as Migos and Future.

How much does bottle service in Vegas cost?

If you go the bottle service route, be prepared to pay about $550 for basic vodka or rum and up to $10,000 for high-end champagne on a vip table located on the dance floor. Learn more about bottle service by reading our guide.

If there’s one thing to remember about nightclubs in Las Vegas, it’s that if there’s a will there’s a way. If you want something bad enough the staff will do everything in their power to ensure that top nightclubs in Las Vegas cater to your wishes. Of course, this kind of service won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it.

The advantage to bottle service is that all the mixers are provided along with your bottle of vodka or rum or whatever so you can make any number of cocktails right at your table. You’ll also enjoy bottle service presentation when your cocktail server at the top Las Vegas nightclubs brings your bottle generally with sparklers for effect making you feel that much more special.

Another advantage to bottle service is that you can mix and drink at your own pace. There’s no problem flagging down the bartender or cocktail server for a refill. Plus, you can make your drinks as strong as you like. You’re not governed by club rules as to how much liquor you can put in your drink.

So the bottom line here for the top 10 Las Vegas nightclubs is either get on the guest list or reserve bottle service for your table. Both paths get you into the club without a wasted cover fee and with a minimum of hassle. There are even no cover nightclubs in Las Vegas, NV but it takes a little work to find them.

Are clubs free in Vegas?

The answer is they can be. People sweat the guest list when there’s really no reason to. It’s the standing in line waiting to be chosen as worthy by one of the door people. It’s a game, but it’s a game you can win simply by dressing the part, arriving early, and/or reserving bottle service. But why not skip the whole game.

Yes, there are free nightclubs in Las Vegas!

Which is why getting on the guest list for any of the best nightclubs in Vegas is easy. Simply complete the form and hit send. It’s free! Your name and the names of those in your party will automatically be added to that club’s guest list for that night. That’s the beauty of and the reason we’re the #1 Las Vegas nightlife guide online.

Remember to arrive early to ensure admittance. And dress the part. (See below for dress code to Las Vegas nightclubs. And by early we mean about 9:30 PM.) Be prepared to stand in line for at least a little while before being admitted to the club of your choice. Bring ID and ladies, leave the giant handbag in the room and go with a sleek clutch instead. It matters what your table looks like and a table strewn with giant handbags isn’t attractive.

It’s important to remember that on nights when there’s a special event or on holiday nights it is possible for the club to reach capacity at which point you may be declined access even if you’re on the guest list. Or even worse, find yourself in a club but on the outdoor patio with views of the strip. Yes, some clubs have indoor and outdoor spaces such as XS (this is different then its nighttime pool party, XS Nightswim) and Omnia (better known as the outdoor patio). That’s why arriving early is so important, but pace yourself. The guest DJ or hosting celebrity won’t usually take the stage until at the earliest midnight and you want to be there to enjoy that experience. Being too buzzed at midnight is a rookie mistake many people make. Don’t let this happen to you. There is a chance club security won’t let you in.

Again, pace yourself with your drinks. Probably no more than 2 or 3 before the DJ or celebrity host takes the stage.

What is the age limit?

You must have a valid ID or passport showing that you are 21 years of age and over to enter a nightclub in Las Vegas.

What do you wear to Vegas Clubs?

Most club dress codes will tell you that you can’t wear any of the following:

  • Baggy Jeans
  • Sports Hats
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Shoes that are considered too “sports like”
  • Shorts
  • Cut Offs
  • Capris
  • Jerseys
  • Beanies

Imagine that you owned a Las Vegas nightclub overlooking the Bellagio fountains and you’d just spent untold millions on decor, costumes, lighting, and sound systems. Saying this place is lavish is an understatement. How would you want the people who come to the club to dress? We thought so.

Dressing the part isn’t just about following the rules, but about making sure you look like someone the people at the gate want in their club. Take a look at any celebrity magazine to see how they’re dressed on the red carpet and follow their lead. While you don’t need an evening gown, an LBD (little black dress) will go a long way to gaining entrance. So What is the nightclub dress code in Las Vegas? Las Vegas nightclubs are very strict when it comes to dress codes. It’s very important to the clubs to maintain a consistent look throughout the club. Be sure to follow the rules carefully to ensure your entry into the club. If you’re thinking, “oh they won’t mind,” they most probably will.

For women, dresses with heels or fancy jeans and a sexy top and heels are preferred. For men, a collared shirt, sports coat and slacks or nice jeans are the go-to choice. Men, remember to always wear good leather shoes. No athletic shoes are permitted.

Where do celebrities party in Vegas?

While there’s no crystal ball that can predict at which nightclubs in Vegas celebrities will decide to party, there are some basic rules that tend to hold true. Since Vegas is good at making everyone feel like a celebrity with free upgrades and comps, and the best clubs in Vegas are equally lavish, the rules tend to be more about where other famous people go rather than about the quality of the club.

So if you’re asking at what top nightclubs in Las Vegas near me can you brush shoulders with your favorite celebrities, then our best advice is to go to where the big name DJs are or a famous host for the night is. Famous people show up for other famous people. Take a look at our Las Vegas event calendar to find out about all upcoming events. Usually, it’s one of the top 10 Las Vegas Nightclubs. For example, If you’re in Las Vegas during a fight weekend which is usually held at the MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay events center, and one of the fighters is hosting a certain club afterwards and a big named DJ like Steve Aoki is in the dj booth, it’s a good bet you will find celebrities there. Another example is if there has just been a concert or awards show, and a big name performer is at a certain club, chances are, that’s where the celebrities will be. While there’s no hard and fast rules, this should give you some idea of how rub elbows with the glitterati. So make sure to check out the best clubs in Vegas.

What type of music is played at the nightclubs?

This is a common question. You will find a mixture of music genres including EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40, Latin/Reggaeton, and Open Format. Our night club near me listing above outlines what type of music is played at each club in Vegas.

What time do Vegas clubs close?

While searching “nightclubs near me,” or what time are clubs open until, you’ll find that most clubs operating hours are from 10PM to 4AM, but since Vegas is a 24/7 town, there are clubs that will have more flexible hours.

All clubs near me basically set their own closing time. It depends on the night and DJ/celebrity host. We’ve seen some clubs stay open until 6AM. If you want to party all night long inside the best nightclubs in Vegas, check out Drai’s After Hours; they are open until 8AM. Drai’s is one of the hottest hip hop clubs in town and features a full roster of famous DJs and performers. The cover charge is usually on the low side so that makes Drai’s one of the most desirable Vegas nightlife spots. Or just visit one of the best strip clubs in Las Vegas…They are always open, and serve pretty good food.

And Finally

In the end, you might just find the best nightspot in Vegas. Or even if you think the jury is still out and you want to explore more than just Tao Nightclub and way more than the views at Apex Social Club, here are the best Las Vegas nightclubs near me by day of the week.

Are Las Vegas clubs open during the week?

Yes, Las Vegas clubs are open during the week. Not every club is open every day, but there is at least one club open each day. Check our event calendar to see whats happening during the week, or read our guides below.

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