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For the people who just don’t understand why anyone would go to a strip and enjoy it let me breakdown why both men and women visit them. It is all about fantasy… People come to Las Vegas to get away from in most cases their boring reality back home. So they come to places like Sapphire for the fantasy factor. Unfortunately for many guys who come to Las Vegas getting super hot stunners to pay you any attention or even go back your room with you is not easy.

It may not be much easier at a strip club to get a girl to go back to your room with you either but atleast you will never have to be worried about not getting any attention… As long as you are willing to pay for a few lap dances of course. What makes a strip club like Sapphire so unique compared to a nightclub is the fact that you will never get turned down by a beautiful woman, if there’s anyone doing any shooting down it’s you! If you have extra cash to toss around while in Vegas, and you are not quite the type who enjoys searching for girls in overcrowded nightclubs, then the strip club is by far the quickest way to get the gorgeous women you want all over you.

If a fantasy is what you’re looking for, the girls at Sapphires Gentlemen’s club would be more than happy to help. Out of all the strip clubs in Vegas Sapphire is the largest and has the most girls working on a nightly basis. Sapphires claims to be the largest strip club in the world, the club is 72,000 square feet!

When you first walk into the building you’ll first notice the massive reception area and long hallways that lead to the main room. Once you finally reach the main room you’ll feel like you’ve just walked into a massive orgy. You’ll see an endless quantity of some of the sexiest next to fully nude bodies literally everywhere you look from the common area tables, VIP booths, stages, and the overhead catwalk; seriously your jaw will drop when you begin to take everything in for the first time.

True Gem Dancers

A strip club is only as good as the ladies that work there and one you take mental inventory of the ladies at Sapphires you’ll realize why it is widely known to be one of the top 3 strip clubs in Las Vegas. The quality here is nothing short of amazing.

Another bonus is that the women aren’t all surgically enhanced blondes. While you’ll find some of those, you’ll also see many europeans, blacks, brunettes, red heads, asians and Latina’s all mixed into one place. In a way it’s kind of like Baskin Robbins with their 31 flavors. From the hostess at the front entrance, to the waitresses, and lastly the dancers you’ll only see women who rank as an 8, 9 or 10 on the beauty scale.

In conclusion Sapphires Gentlemen’s club is a must see while you are here staying in Las Vegas. The girls are absolute stunners and the service is top notch, you will definitely not be disappointed with your visit here!

Aside from the main room, the club has a room that offers an all-male revue every Friday and Saturday until midnight, if you are a female and are looking for one that lasts longer I suggest heading to Olympic Gardens otherwise known as OG’s which is open until 4am. If you are interested in a more high end experience we suggest booking one of the 10 skyboxes they have to offer which is located on the second level of the club; each suite has a unique theme. The club also has many areas for private lap dances, a champagne room and a karaoke room (why not?) that is often rented out by large groups.

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club Gallery

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